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The term “artist” holds a very broad definition:
A creator of artistic works and one who is skilled, particularly
one with a sense of style. With that said, Lisa Sherry Monroe
comfortably defines herself as a mixed media “artist”.

Owning a real estate company specializing in management,
sales and development, Lisa is a licensed Texas Real Estate
Agent with a passion in developing and creating unique niche
properties. Her clients have allowed her to indulge into
original opportunities by showcasing and maximizing their
investments. Using those development and design virtues
embedded in her through real estate, she has bridged to other
mediums of art.

Working out of her studio, Lisa has always enjoyed several
forms of art including ceramics, wood, paints, fabrics and
photography. In January 2005, Lisa was introduced to PMC
(Precious Metal Clay).The following February, she was
certified as a Level 1 PMC silver artist. Lisa has studied
various techniques of mold making, stone setting, finishing,
cold connections, and continues to further educate herself
by studying under Master artists to further her skills.
Lisa’s passion to explore new ideas is reflected in each piece
of art she designs. “As an ‘artist’ I enjoy expressing ‘the story’
in my art with hope that it creates a connection to my clients”.

Her first limited edition collection titled “The Art of the
Saddle” debuted in 2006.